So Beautifully Organised – Floral Stationery Box Review

Anyone who knows me knows that I am obsessed with stationery and books. Let’s face it, I’m a writer and you can’t spend all day bashing away at a keyboard without going slightly crazy. I personally love the aesthetic and tactile experience and nostalgia of writing on paper and am an avid planner, paper-crafter, and pen paller, so when it comes to stationery – I’m a bit of an addict.

As you can imagine, buying piles of planner and stationery supplies can get quite expensive. Not to mention bulk buying can have a negative effect on one’s ability to enjoy said products in an orderly fashion.

With that in mind, I have decided to start a book and stationery subscription box mini-series on my YouTube channel. Within this series, I will be purchasing the odd subscription box from various retailers, seeking the best value and quality, and taking my viewers along on my creative journey via unboxing videos.

Today my first box arrived…

The So Beautifully Organised Floral Box

…and was full of, not only beautiful but useful goodies.

This subscription box was a nice little mailer at the very reasonable price of £8.99 (price correct at time of publication and currently on offer) and I have to say I was quite happy with the quality and quantity of the products inside.


The box included:

  • ‘Plans’ – updated calendar/diary, travelers notebook size

  • ‘Dreams’ – lined and decorated travelers notebook

  • A fetching cardboard travelers notebook style case with elastic cord

  • A beautiful twist ballpoint pen with detachable tassel

  • Two extra detachable tassels in different colours

  • And bonus materials from the designer Helen Colebrook which included stickers, wrapping paper, greetings card, and floral die cuts.

All of the products were of a complimentary set in shades of navy blue, bottle green, and millennial pink with lovely florals.


What will I use the box for:

Nothing in this box will go to waste in my house, not even the decorative packaging it came in (which I shall utilise my shaped hole punches on).

With the notebooks being compact and slim they are great for throwing into a handbag and taking out with you on the go for those moments of quick inspiration. Or even keeping in the car’s door pocket for those infiltrating thoughts that you just have to get down when your otherwise super busy doing the weekly shop and such.

Whilst I am not yet 100% sure what I will be using the calendar for, (so far I have considered using it as a social media planner or ironically, a YouTube schedule) I will be making use of the notebook for various lists and ideas for writing projects, and will most defiantly be coloring in the sweet flower doodles on every other page.


The notecard and wrapping paper, however, will assuredly get used in some upcoming snail mail projects I have in mind for pen pals and the decorative tassels will no doubt find themselves in amongst my Filofax and Colour Crush planner horde. The pen has already been utilised and is a new favourite.

I will most defiantly be looking to purchase some of the other So Beautifully Organised boxes as not only was the supplies a nice surprise but they were well worth their monitory value. And frankly, I’m a bit geeky and just love any excuse really.

Check out my Unboxing Video here:

Disclaimer: I am in no way affiliated with So Beautifully Organised or Craft Stash through which this box was purchased, I just liked the stationery and wanted to review it.


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