Book Reviews

For me, there is nothing better than being able to snuggle down into a comfy chair, with a warm cup of Earl Grey and a jolly good book.

It’s nostalgic, comforting and beyond relaxing. There is also something very freeing about being immersed in the pages of historical fact or a fantasy fable. After all, who doesn’t enjoy a high-flying adventure or uplifting romance?

And that feeling as the story draws to a close, the excitement, anticipation, the contentment and that longing for more…

As such, we are all always on the hunt for the next instalment, the next adventure…

For this reason, a good book recommendation is always well received. Thus I am delighted to announce my book review series, to share with you all fantastic reads, both fact, and fiction, that readers of all ages, genres, and tastes can enjoy.

Although I will mainly be reviewing books and genres that I love, I always welcome suggestions for new reading material, so please do let me know your favorite books in the comments below and follow me on Goodreads.

I enjoy a wide range of tomes, both fact, and fiction. Below is a small sampling of my tastes.

In the factual department, I enjoy a vast range of material, though historical reference and writing how to’s make for the dominant proportion. I also enjoy reading self-help and self-improvement books in my on-going bid to be the best version of my self I can be; spiritual guides and organization manuals.

On the fictional side, I am very eclectic, though again I do have my favorites, particularly historical romance. I also love a good thriller every now and then, usually with a historical undertone because, well, I’m a big geek. And I never turn my nose up on teen fictions either, having developed a love for Darren Shan and Patrick Rothfuss in my excruciating trial of learning to read during my youth.

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I love keeping a book wish list on Amazon so I can keep track of all the tomes I want to read. I highly recommend it!