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I am so glad you have decided to get in touch today! Welcome to my blog, agentlewomenandascholar, which showcases some of my personal interests, alongside writing samples.

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My name is Lauren. I am a professional blogger with over two years of experience in producing web content, product reviews, and informative article writing for businesses.

I am also a freelance writer. I am open to writing all types of articles, web content, blogs etc. For further information on my writing portfolio and experience, please do have a look at my page and also my LinkedIn profile.

If you would like to receieve a copy of my resume then you can request one via the form below.

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I am more than happy to help out my fellow bloggers where I can. If you are interested in having me guest post or collaborate with you, please do get in touch as I am always happy to discuss this option.

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I am open to almost any project work, long or short term, and would be more than pleased to create repeat working partnerships. Please do not hesitate to contact me if you do not find a relevant sample of my work, as I am most happy to provide paid samples to suit if I currently have none that meet your needs.


If you are interested in proposing an Affiliate relationship, please do get in touch. However, please do note that I will only participate with products I believe in and that relate to topics on my blog.

If you are unsure if your product applies to this criteria, relevant products might include:

  • Cleaning Products
  • Planners
  • Stationery Supplies
  • Organization Products
  • Books – Questions about my work
  • Writers Gifts
  • Blog Topic Request
  • Book Review Request

I have said it before, but I love to hear from my readers. I am all about bringing you content I think you will enjoy and love, so if you have a particular topic you would like to read about, i.e a specific organizing topic, or writing genre how to, then please do not hesitate to send me a message. Whilst I cannot promise that your request will come to fruition, I will most certainly try my best to accommodate.

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