Nimmy’s Corner

On this page (and under the category of the same name) I would like to share with you my love of animals and conservation.

I am a great lover of nature. I feel that beauty is found in the great out doors and in the creatures living on this earth. Animals have such a way about them that it is hard to hate or resent them and their doings. They are often gentle souls who just wish to live out their lives in what humans might phrase as peace and joy.

Through the coming series, I shall be sharing my favorite animal stories, tips for animal care and conservation ideals.

But first, let me introduce you to my furry family…



This page is named after my beloved bunny – Nimaway. And before you ask she is named after the wife of Merlin in the Arthurian myth. She is a lovely honey gold flop eared rabbit with a tendency towards sunbathing and bee gazing, though she does also have a certain tenacity to her despitIMG_1182e her outward Zen.

She lives in a two story hutch in the back garden. However, when we first got her she was a house bunny. Having been misinformed about her dwarfen nature, unfortunately, lead to her relocation; however, it all turned out for the best as she is much more suited to outdoor living and seems to prefer it.

Fun facts

Nickname(s): Nim and Nimmy
IMG_1204Theme song: In The Jungle replacing ‘A-weema-weh ‘ with ‘A Nimaway’
Favourite Toy: Toilet roll tubes
Funniest Moment: Her funniest moment is probably her most evil too. Back when she was living in my study I would often let her out whilst I was working. One day she kept using a bell toy which was very grating so I took it away for a while so I could work. But Nimmy got her revenge. I had left my Collins dictionary open on a chair, so she pooped on it.



Nimaway is not our only pet. We also have two kittens. The first is Bast. He is coming up to 8 months old at the time of writing. He is a beautiful dark, dark brown (looks black) Siamese-Burmen cross with streaks of blue-gray in his tail. He has a lovely temperament, is very vocal and also very mischievous.

WP_20170316_20_21_39_ProWe got him at 8 weeks old as his breeder needed to find a suitable home ASAP due to his mother having given up her litter. Fortunately, the owner has another cat who had given birth within the same 24 hours as Bast’s mum and so could suckle the abandoned kittens, but a litter of 15 was proving a bit too much.

Bast likes to sit on windowsills, shoulders and curl up at the top of our hat stand. He also has a habit of cuddling up on top of my work at my desk as he likes to be near his mummy and not have her work too hard.

You might automatically think we named him after the Egyptian cat goddess given my obsession with Egyptology, however, he is actually named after a character from Patrick Rothfuss’s novel series, The King Killer Chronicles, which are some of my husband and my favorite books.

Fun facts

Nickname(s): BasticillesWP_20170808_10_12_19_Pro
Theme song: Flash! by Queen, changed to Bast!
Favourite Toy: Crisp packets folded up into triangles.
Funniest Moment: He has too many funny moments but definitely in the top five was when I had made a bacon sandwich. I had just sat down to take a bite when the bread deflated and off runs this kitten smearing brown sauce over the carpet and tripping over a crispy rasher that was twice his size!



Auri is our newest addition. She has just turned 12 weeks old and is the sweetest little button! She is a gorgeous ginger spotted and striped tabby. She has lovely gray-green eyes and likes to curl up on your collarbone.

20375672_10211895488240352_6223548008413147303_nWhen she is in a playful mood she likes to attack your fingers and toes and will gently suck on them which lead to her nickname. She is also very fond of craft pom-poms.

She was the last of her litter to find a home as she was the runt, however even if we had of had a choice we would have still picked her as she was just lovely and like our others pets, it was an instant love connection.

She and Bast both sleep on our pillows at night, preferring to be with us in what ever room we are currently in at any given moment of the day. Auri is also named after a Rothfuss character.

Fun facts

Nickname(s): Auri Monster and DigitWP_20170820_16_11_16_Pro
Theme song: She’s So Lovely
Favourite Toy: Fingers
Funniest Moment: When my husband cleared her playpen up after the first few days of having her, he took the litter tray out of the living room as “I don’t want her learning to pee here”. However, he forgot to vacuum up some of the fallen litter. Auri then decided to scoop this up into a little pile and pee on it. I was too busy laughing to stop her! After all, she had the right idea.


Love Cats? Auri and Bast have their own Facebook Page. Why not give it a lick…um…like!

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