The Masked Lady – A Historical Romance Series

A tale of true love, daring adventures, and highway-robbery set in Elizabethan times.

Following the chronicling of the Lady Lisabeth Ainsley Drake as she meets a handsome rough on the highway and finds love outside of her station. Daring the wrath of her family and the justice of the law, follow this passionate lady as she transliterates tales of her true love and high adventures with a man caped in dark cerulean.

Combining my interest in history, with my love of writing and romance I invite you to take part in the adventures of my secret ego and follow my historical romance series, published through

What started out almost eight years ago as a short story never had the chance to remain a single encounter with highway robbery. As soon as I had met my characters their story expanded before me like a whirlwind and set my imagination aflame. I had to tell their story and explore the depth of where their love would take them.

And so I am so very pleased to share the story of the Lady Lisabeth as her story unfolds…

The adventure starts here.


The masked Lady

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