About Me


I am a women of many interests. Currently I am pursuing a writing career whilst working full time and studying Ancient History (also full time) . I love to organise and am very fastidious. I adore animals and love nothing better then a good book and a cup of Earl Gray.

Welcome to my Blog

On Writing 

I am currently working towards my first novel and am hoping to send it off to the publishers soon. My favourite genre is historical romance, call me a sap if you wish, but cliche is just another word for classic. I enjoy writing short stories and poems, and as I love to read how to’s and blogs – so here I am. I hope to share some success and tips with you along the way.

On History

I have been interested in all things historical and academic since I was six years old and have been telling stories from an even younger age. My favourite discipline of study is Egyptology and my favourite era of British history is tied between Medieval and Tudor. I love museums and going to ruins and places of historical interest. I do the odd re-enactment here and there, having participated in Georgian, Tudor, Medieval and Celtic displays. I also attempt my hand at costume making and embroidery.

On Organisation

As you can probably tell I have a busy schedule with so many interests and pursuits, but luckily I am quite organised and I love planners. I am particularly house-proud and must have/do anything that will up my productivity. Well, we only get one life and I believe we should all make the most of the time we have. I am a big fan of bargain buying. I can be quite fugal and at times a bit OCD so hopefully I have some good cleaning tips to share.

On the random side

I love the colour green,  I have a pet bunny called Nimaway, I’m engaged to a wonderful man and currently in wedding planning mode,  I Twitch and YouTube video games and am dyslexic. Oh and I love owls. Big time.

6 thoughts on “About Me

  1. Hi Lauren maybe this one gives you a start for your blogging career 🙂 I have a confession to make. I nominated you:

    I awarded you because I believe you have an excellent blog and I want to introduce it to my readers. This award is great for that.

    But I also know that awards are a lot of work, and they do not fit in every blog. So feel free to take part if it tempts you and if not go on to what you do best: Your blog!!!!!!

    Hope you enjoy either way 🙂


  2. Hi. Thanks for visiting my blog, leaving a comment, and following. I’ve followed yours as well. You have quite an interesting background. I look forward to reading your posts. I don’t use Facebook but I’m off to follow you on Twitter as well 🙂


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