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Today I read a lovely blog post from one of my Writing Buddies, Bee over at the fantastic blog – The Bee Writes. Today’s post was entitled Music Monday Blog Party (June 11th to 13th, 2018): Celebrate YOUR Life and spoke about how we should all learn to celebrate our lives a little bit more despite all the stuff that is happening and might not be working for us.

The thing I loved most about this post was Bee’s drive and enthusiasm, she really is an upbeat and loving soul, and I know I can speak for both myself and our other Writing Buddy Cheryl of Catching Fireflies, that she is a source of encouragement and creativity too.

In her post, which I highly recommend you read, she invites other bloggers to participate in a bit of a challenge. In this call to action she invites people to celebrate their lives and share these accomplishments with the world, reminding us that even when things aren’t going so well, there is always cause for a bit of a party.

I love this idea and so I would like to invite you to celebrate as well. So with a glass of sparkling summer fruits cordial and a kitten on my desktop purring away, let us begin.

Don’t Let Life Get You Down

There is a saying:

‘What’s wrong is always available’

-Tony Robbins-

And it is very true. No matter what is happening in our world we can usually find something to bitch and moan about. For instance if I wanted to take a negative spin on my life right now I might bemoan the fact that I have laryngitis and exhaustion (just got back from the docs) and its now my week off work (the first in over a year and a half, other than my wedding) and that I am now on rest orders.

OR…I could be grateful that I now have a week to allow my body and soul to rejuvenate. I could be grateful for this opportunity to be creative rather than busy, that I can enjoy silence and meditate or write.

Do you see where I am going with this? No matter what your circumstances we all need to realize that life happens for us, not too us. And then the whole world changes.

Lets Celebrate

So here are some of the celebratory items that I want to brag about. I am very happy that school has now ended, not because I don’t want to put in the work but because it means I am now only a year away from getting my Degree. I am thankful for the beautiful weather outside, it inspired me to get in touch with several Pen Pals today, an activity I was grossly behind in. I am so grateful to have this opportunity to write and share these things with you and to also express my appreciation of a dear friend, thank you, Bee! I love that I have a whole week ahead of me to chill out and work at my own pace on my blog, on my E-book project (Freelance) and on my own novel. And as I’m not at work I can have as many cat cuddles as I want!

Gratitude and Individuality

The main reason I really adored Bee’s post was that it also invited you to share a song or something similar that inspired you. The whole concept of her post was to encourage us to express and be grateful for our own individuality and so I would like to share a song to get you rocking in your seat a bit.

I have no doubt you have already heard it as The Greatest Showman is so popular at the moment.


The song ‘ This is me’, I feel is a very powerful one. It encourages self-expression and owning oneself fully. We are who we are and that is a great accomplishment, something to be proud of. It is in our own unique individuality that we can find beauty in life and that for me is the best thing in life to celebrate.

So now, not only do I encourage you to go over to Bee’s page and celebrate with her as she suggests, but I would also like to invite you to go one step further. Don’t just celebrate your life, celebrate you! And please share your fantastic, unique grace with me by leaving at least one word in the comments below that is you. Mine would be ‘dream’. What about you?

Take care everyone – and Party On!



10 thoughts on “‘The Bee Writes’… Wonders – Sharing is Caring

  1. Hi Lauren, thank you so much for your kind words and your brilliant post. It actually made me cry and I am glad that you found a reason to celebrate. Hope you get better soon and that you can enjoy your week off fully. Great song by the way. I haven’t heard it yet. Am not very up to date with films even though I have heard of it. It certainly is powerful!!!!

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  2. As bless you Bee! I enjoyed writing it and thank you for the initial idea. The Greatest Showman is a great film if you haven’t seen it. I love musicals, so Aaron got it for me recently as I, like you, am not very up to date with current films etc. Have a great day!


  3. This i sa brilliant post, Lauren. 🙂 I’m very happy we three celebrated ourselves together this week. I hope you’ll get better soon. 🙂 This is indeed a powerful and upbeat song, I like it, although I’ve never heard it before. Thanks again for visiting me and sharing my post. 🙂

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