Community Spirit Without Contact

With potential lockdown on the brink of possibility, I know a lot of people are starting to panic as to how they can remain social, keep up their spirits and most importantly, keeping the kids entertained whilst shut indoors.

And whilst there are people out there still ignoring the safety and social distancing advice – there are others doing everything they can to maintain their community spirit whilst in self-isolation. To these people I applaud!

Being stuck indoors can be lonely at the best of times, even without countrywide lockdowns and a coronavirus pandemic running rampant through the population. However, whether you live in Britain or any of the other countries practicing quarantine at the moment, it is a universal fact that every place on earth has an identity and striving spirit that they embrace in times of emergency. Whilst these situations can often bring out the bad in people, they always also bring out the good. For the British we have the Blitz spirit, bringing us back to a time of the Second World War and taking us proudly through self-deprivation, uncertainty, and a collective work ethic, onwards to victory! It’s this fighting spirit that will see the UK through this hard time, and Britons everywhere are stepping up to the challenge.

But what if you are a parent who can’t afford to volunteer for the NHS because they have to look after the kids? Or one of those most vulnerable, who can’t even risk going out of the house to do the weekly shopping? Well, firstly the best thing you can do right now is to STAY AT HOME! But don’t fret, there are plenty of ways to rally some community spirit without having to leave the house. With the internet a mighty tool in our arsenal, children can be homeschooled, businesses run from the sofa and moral boosted through social media, all at the same time.

Good Samaritans are posting little snippets of joy online in the form of statues games, YouTube videos, and even online talk shows. But one new trend I would like to share is both creative, caring and for all ages.

Many families are currently posting pictures and items in their street-facing windows in order to entertain and bring smiles to children out for their daily walks. With schools closed, creative ideas such as the Rainbow Challenge and my own Covid Colouring Challenge are providing children with the opportunity to spot other people’s creativity whilst engaging in their limited time outside. These activities also provide parents with purpose and motive for some creative fun during lesson time.

To participate all you need to do is set your kids up at the kitchen counter with some crayons and let them get creative. Once they are done, show their artwork in the window for passersby and post it on social media.

The Rainbow Challenge

This original concept is a fun community challenge for smaller children. By placing a rainbow up in a street-facing window, children can go out and count how many rainbows they can see, brightening up everyone’s day as the kids have fun and gain some fresh air and exercise in the process.

Covid Colouring Challenge

Inspired and similar to the Rainbow Challenge but with two differences. Participants aren’t limited by what they can draw, colour or create, so long as it is bright and eye-catching. As well as placing your artwork in the window, you also share it to the challenges Facebook page and with the designated hashtag so people who might not be able to leave their homes at present can also take part. This way people all over the world can share in the joy!#covidcolouringchallenge

The Teddy Bear Hunt

Got a teddy sitting lonely in a corner somewhere? Put it in the window. Following the same theme, The Teddy Bear Hunt is another way of keeping little ones entertained and active. You could also take Teddy out of the window occasionally and take pictures of him helping to make the tea or tidying up after colouring (with the little ones help, of course!).

Create Your Own

Whether you fancy all or none of these ideas, the basic concepts are the same so why not come up with your own challenge to bring light to these hard times.

What are you doing to entertain yourself and the young ones during the Covid 19 pandemic? I would love to hear your ideas and stories in the comments.

In the meantime, stay home, stay safe and until next time I wish you all the best and blessings.



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